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New puppies are here!!!

Skye and Twister had a litter of 6 healthy, happy puppies on July 30th. They now have their eyes open and are as sweet as can be!



TWISTER is a black tri male with a medium coat.  He is a very active dog that also has good shut off.  He is big and strong with personality to match.   He lives on the ranch with several hundred cows and their calves and has learned to follow whistle commands to help work cattle.



Skye is a blue merle tri.  She has a medium rough coat.  Her eyes are mostly brown with a little blue at the bottom of each eye.  She is very alert, always ready to go.  Skye is a very fast learner and loves to please.  She lives 8 miles north of the ranch with my younger brother, but she and Twister see each other often.

Echo is a blue merle tri boy he is reserved born july/30/20

$200 deposit to reserve

Fidget is a red tri boy he is reserved

born july/30/20

Grace is a black tri girl she is

reserved born july/30/20

$200 deposit to reserve

Halo is a black tri girl she is reserved born july/30/20

$200 deposit to reserve

Indy is a uniquely marked blue merle tri boy he is reserved born july/30/20

$200 deposit to reserve

Jewel is a black tri girl she is reserved

 born july/30/20

Note~we have a delivery route going from Oakley KS to El Paso TX in October 2020

All puppies will come with ABCA registration, health papers from the vet, and a puppy starter kit.

Puppy #2 SOLD

Blue Merle Tri Male

Bo is one good looking puppy, he is $sold.   DOB: 7-11-19

Past puppies 

Puppy #1 SOLD

Chocolate and white tri male

This gorgeous boy Aspen is $sold.   DOB - 7-11-19

Puppy #3 SOLD

Blue Merle Tri Girl

This sweet girl Cara is $sold.  DOB: 7-11-19

Puppy #4 SOLD

Blue Merle Tri Male

Dusty is a beautiful boy $sold.  DOB: 7-11-19

A little about how we raise our Border Collie Puppies-

Puppies start their life in the house where they get constant care and attention from the moment they are born.   When they get a little older, they are moved to a large fenced in area where they have room to run and play and learn all about farm/ranch life. 

We have started all puppies on the "Early Neurological Stimulation" method, also known as the "Super Dog" method.   It was created by the US Military to give dogs an advantage in life.   Some of the benefits of this method are; improved cardio vascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, a better tolerance to stress, and a greater resistance to disease.   Each puppy goes through a series of 5 exercises, taking 3-5 seconds each.   

1. Tactile Stimulation (tickling  between the toes with a Q-Tip.)

2. Head Held Erect (puppy is held with his head straight up and tail in a straight down position.)

3. Head Downward (puppy is held so his head is straight down and tail is up.)

4. Spine Position (puppy is cradled on his back with feet and face up.)

5. Thermal Stimulation (puppy is placed on his feet, on a cold, damp towel that has been in the fridge for at least 5 minutes.  Puppy is allowed to crawl off.)

These exercises are done once a day on each puppy for two weeks, starting on day 3 and ending on day 16.  More info about this method can be found by watching this video.  https;//  

I found this method several years ago and knew this is something that would be well worth implementing.   I also came across another helpful way to socialize and help puppies be well rounded by the time they are ready to go to their new homes.  It is called the "Rules of 7".  It is a goal of ours to make sure the puppies encounter many different environments, sounds, smells and experiences while they are with us, so we have implemented these rules.  

The Rules of 7 by Pat Schaap

By the time puppy is seven weeks old, he/she should have:

1. Been on 7 different types of surfaces.

2. Played with 7 different types of objects.

3. Been in 7 different locations.

4. Met and played with 7 new people

5. Been exposed to 7 different challenges.

6. Eaten from 7 different containers.

7. Eaten in 7 different locations.

(and we added one more- they will also be exposed to 7 different kinds of animals.)

Some other experiences they will have while here: riding in in the back of a pickup, riding on a 4-wheeler, walking on leash, walking through tall grass or crops, visiting a lake or other body of water, and much more.   They will hear many sounds from animals like cats, dogs, cattle, coyotes, chickens, ducks, guineas, and sounds from  radios, TV, vehicles, tractors, horns, fireworks or gunshots, vacuum sweeper etc....We have had shy dogs in the past and very outgoing dogs.   I know that their environment when young has a big influence on that, and I also know that each puppy is an individual and even when all raised the same, they  can have their own unique personalities, with very different tendencies.  But we love them all!!!

We do NOT take our puppies to places that are visited by lots of other dogs, due to the chance of picking up a sickness or disease.  When visiting the vet, they will be in a pet kennel and taken out for examination so they aren't exposed to possible germs on the floor by other sick dogs.  They may be taken to other public places like livestock barns or other areas with groups of people.   

All puppies will be wormed at week 2,4,6 & 8 and will have their first set of puppy shots.    All puppies will come with full American Border Collie Association (ABCA) registration papers. and a puppy kit to help them get adapted to their new home. (puppy blanket that smells like their mom, a weeks worth of the food they're used to, to help transition to their new food, some puppy toys and leash/coller)